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Colorful Flowers






There is no such event that cannot be made more meaningful and memorable with flowers, be it someone's birthday, graduation, anniversary, or a grand opening.

But are you aware that each flower has a specific meaning, conveys a certain vibe, and is only suitable for particular occasions? Using the wrong flowers can ruin the event as much as sending the right flowers can add value to it.

To avoid making such mistakes, you will need to be an expert with the flowers and know which will be the right choice. Since you will have better things to attend to on the big day, Kristen Flowers provides bouquet flower delivery Singapore for each occasion.

Our experts can suggest you the most appropriate choice along with the best combination that will make your event perfect.

Kristen Flowers understands how important this event can be and hence specializes in this service. Our experts can not only find the most suited flowers according to your shop or office, but they will also use the most appropriate combinations to make the bouquet perfect for you.

The flowers we suggest will compliment the occasion, add meaning to your ceremony, and uplift the environment with the right vibe.


Our Range:


Kristen Flower has always strived to provide its customers with the flowers of their choice, regardless of how rare they are.

We understand that Singapore only has a limited range of flowers because of its peculiar climate, but being a full-range flower shop and having provided bouquet flower delivery Singapore for years, we have established a vast network. Our network enables us to not only get the rare flowers species but also get the best quality available in them.


Same-Day Bouquet Flower Delivery Singapore:


When it comes to a big event, Kristen Flower understands how you could be flustered with all the arrangements you need to make to make your event perfect. Flowers are not only compromised in such a hustle and bustle, but people also end up taking the most commonly and easily available flowers because of the shortage of time.

Moreover, it also ensures that you don't have to compromise on quality and variety. Kristen Flower maintains a considerable stock of fresh flowers that can be provided on short notice without pre-booking.


Why Choose Us?


Flowers are commonly available in Singapore, and you can even get them from local flower shops, but on your big day, you should only trust the experts for such a sensitive job.

Some of the reasons our customers choose Kristen Flower are as follows:


1. Custom-Tailored Solutions:


At Kristen Flower, we approach each event differently. Providing pre-set flower bouquets is the easiest thing, but we choose to take the hard path to provide our customers with the best services.


2. Fresh Flowers:


Ceremonies like grand openings last for hours. When you get flowers from local flower shops, they are fresh at the start but die before the event ends.

Kristen Flower is particular about the freshness of its flowers, and we only use freshly plucked flowers for our bouquet flower delivery Singapore, so they last you the whole event, if not more.

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