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Illness is inevitable and is a part of life, but when someone we care about falls ill, it is the worst feeling ever. You don't only feel sorry for them and wish for their quick recovery; you also feel helpless.

You can send them a get well soon flower that can undoubtedly help at such a time. A get well soon flower does not only make a nice and gentle gesture; it conveys many subconscious messages that many are unaware of.

Sending someone a get well soon flower shows them that you want to help them and care about them. The presence of flowers around helps the patient with recovery, as well as it can calm down the nerves and put them in a good mood.

The fragrance of fresh flowers also positively affects the brain as it feels relaxed and prevents agitation. The vibrant colors create a positive vibe around the patient that uplifts the mood and helps him feel better.

But not every flower can be a good get well soon flower as there is so much art and science involved and picking the right bouquet, and you can require expert help with it.

At Kristen Flower, we do not only provide get well soon flowers, but we also provide the most appropriate species that will have deep impacts on your loved ones.


Choosing the Right Get Well Soon Flower:


Generally, all flowers are fragrant, but not everyone appreciates all the fragrances. There also are some widely appreciated flowers like lilies and roses, but if you were to send typical flowers to your loved ones, how would it communicate your special care for them?

That’s where Kristen Flower comes in to help its customers. Our experts have spent years in the floral industry and have mastered the arts and science required to pick the most appropriate get well soon flower.

When you get in touch with our experts for a consultation, they will ask you about the personality of your loved one. Based on the assessment of their personality type, our experts will suggest the flower that they will like the most.

They will also help you avoid the wrong flowers, as some people can be allergic to certain species, and sending those flowers when they are ill can do more harm than good. There are also some technicalities involved regarding the colors, as sending vibrant colored flowers to someone recovering from surgery is an excellent idea to boost their mood, but those flowers can have a negative impact on someone struggling with depression.

Lastly, humans associate certain flowers with specific emotions. A peace lily would be a good example of such a flower.

A layperson might not be well-versed in understanding these hidden meanings, and sending the wrong flower can convey the wrong meaning. Having expert help will save you from all this trouble and ensure that you get well soon flower conveys what you want it to convey.

You can also choose the get well soon flower yourself without our assistance by scrolling through our catalog.


Why Choose Us:


1. Wide Range:


While many flower shops in Singapore offer typical types of flowers as a get well soon present, Kristen Flower adds a personalized touch to each bouquet it delivers so your loved ones get the thought and attention you have put into choosing the flower.

We also maintain a stock of fresh flowers so you can get them delivered at any time as we understand a patient can be feeling down at any time.


2. Island-Wide Delivery:


Many a time, you cannot physically go and meet your loved ones when they are ill. Physical distance or a hectic schedule does not mean you cannot make a caring gesture.

At Kristen Flower, we provide island-wide delivery of get well soon flowers so your love and care can always reach your loved ones.

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