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Preservation is a form of drying with the use of more refined techniques to preserve the flowers, which is using glycerin to keep the flowers' lively form as in perfect blooming state.  The stem, leaves, and blooms will keep their texture with zero to none maintenance











Fresh flowers are good on every occasion, but what is the point if they die in a day or two? Sending someone fresh flowers also puts them in a tough spot as they will have to take care of them only to have them die in a few days.


What Are Preserved Flowers?


Preserved flowers grow naturally but are preserved using specialized techniques and materials to last longer.

Once passed through the preservation process, the flowers will not only retain their look and vibrance for years, they will also look as fresh as recently plucked from the plant.

If done right, preserved flowers can last for up to two years. If you account for Singapore’s humid and harsh weather and protect your preserved flowers from direct sunlight and water, your preserved flowers will even last longer.


Why Should You Get Preserved Flowers Delivery Singapore?


1. Long-Lasting:


If you wish to show your eternal love to someone that is unconditional, does not require extraordinary care, and will last forever, you need preserved flowers delivery Singapore instead of going for fresh flowers.


2. Low-Maintenance:


Preserved flowers will set you free from the hassle of picking fresh flowers every day from the flower shop or your garden and spraying them with water every once in a while. You can use our preserved flowers for decoration in your living room.



By using preserved flowers, you will not only be making your loved ones happy and your living room beautiful, but you will also be caring for the nature that produces these flowers. Like all other natural resources, there is a gap in the demand and supply of flowers, and it only seems to increase every day.

If we continue to pluck flowers at the current rate, many species might go extinct in the near future as Singapore is running out of fertile land and is struggling to accommodate its rapidly increasing population.


Our Range of Preserved Flowers:


Kristen Flowers has a flower for every occasion, and there is no fresh flower that we cannot preserve. We understand that preserving is complicated, and many vendors have limited stock.

At Kristen Flowers, we are dedicated to preserving the environment and go the extra mile to preserve all kinds of flowers in Singapore, so our customers do not have to make a compromise on their preferences.


Why Choose Kristen Flower?


Preserved flowers in Singapore are a popular item because of their endurance and appeal, but they can also be harmful to your health and the environment of your house.

Flowers are something that one cannot resist touching. Many flower companies use poor methods and sub-standard materials to preserve their flowers. These substances form a residual layer on the flower, and upon contact, they can harm your health.

Some preservatives are so harmful that they release toxins in the air upon gradual decomposition, making the air around it unfit for breathing.

At Kristen Flower, we only spread love, happiness, and freshness. We have a strictly quality control policy, and we have zero tolerance for such practices.

Our preserved flowers are prepared using approved materials and methods and are totally fit for human health and the environment. For further assurance, we ensure that each flower has been prepared in compliance with our safety standards before proceeding with preserved flowers delivery Singapore.


Same Day Preserved Flowers Delivery Singapore:

We understand that people usually buy flowers at the last minute to keep them fresh for longer. While some vendors in Singapore require preparation time and pre-booking, Kristen Flower has a full-fledged facility that enables us to provide same-day delivery of preserved flowers.

Our process is also designed to be hassle-free for a seamless experience, and you can get your preserved flowers delivered to any location convenient for you with minimal effort.

Choose your favorite flower from the list below, provide us with your delivery address, and relax as we dispatch your preserved flowers to you!

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