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An opening might just be a day for the attendants, but for the owner, it could be a day he spent years working for. An opening day is a day when efforts and investments come together to show the final product, and you deserve nothing less than this day to be perfect.

Whenever we talk about happy occasions like opening ceremonies or inaugurations, they cannot be complete without a grand opening flower delivery.

Grand opening flowers set the mood for the whole event. They bring colours, fragrance, freshness and joy to the setting and ensure that everybody shares the joy of the owner.

Kristen Flower is among the top grand opening flower delivery providers in Singapore and has a portfolio of decorating some of the most notable events in Singapore.

Where others might just provide grand opening flower delivery, our experts will ensure to entertain you like it is their event, and they want nothing but the best for it.


Grand Opening Flowers Delivery Features:


Below are some of the features of Kristen Flower that make us the best choice for grand opening flower delivery:


  • Freshness:


As the struggle of years gets concluded on an opening day, the event usually lasts long enough for flowers to die if they are not fresh. When the delivery arrives, many people witness that the flowers are fresh, but they dry before the event ends.

Kristen Flower uses the flowers from the same day pick, and many of them remain with the plants until we receive your order, so you get the flowers in their best condition, and they last their whole lifespan at your venue.


  • Theme:


Grand openings often carry a theme in appropriation with the type of business you inaugurate. The theme sets the whole mood and conveys your approach toward your business.

At Kristen Flower, we have some preset themes from the most successful events in our portfolio. Our portfolio is diverse enough to have a preset for each industry, so our clients can easily choose without putting in much thought.


  • Consultation:


If you are super passionate about the opening and want each thing to go according to your taste but do not have any know-how or information about the flowers, worry not because Kristen Flower has got you covered.

Our experts and flower specialists with years of experience will be happy to guide you through the process and give you a free consultation session so you can pick the flowers of your choice and make your event picture perfect.


  • Customization:


If you have already made up your mind and know the kind of flowers you want but do not find them in any themes, we have the option of complete customization for you.

You can choose the type, quantity and arrangements of flowers and give it the look you want.

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